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Eat Spicy. Live Spicy.

"People who love to eat are always the best people." — Julia Child

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If you’re bored with flat, generic, and unappetizing condiments, you’re in the right place! Spicy Mike’s Gourmet Condiments started in 1996 with one mission: to provide a diverse, yet healthy alternative to traditional store-bought ketchup. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer more options and created a nationwide reputation as a go-to option for rich, flavorful food additions. If you’re interested in experiencing the difference that our gourmet ketchup can make, check out our online store!

 We have three levels of heat to tantalize your taste buds, including curry, wasabi, and Jamaican jerk--all low-sodium and low-sugar. Choose the option that sounds best, or try all three and mix and match with your favorite foods!

The Name to Know for Quality

Spicy Mike's is not just a flavor experience; it's a lifestyle that we've shared with our family and friends. Now, we want to share it with you and yours. Become a part of a growing movement away from the bland and toward the extraordinary! Our condiments can carry you into flavor territories that you simply won’t find any other way.

 We believe in the power of hand-crafted quality because nothing else gets the same results so consistently across products and groups of people. Most importantly, we take advantage of natural, delicious ingredients to provide a product with as many health benefits as taste applications. That way, you can always feel confident about what you’re putting into your body without sacrificing deep, authentic flavor.

Bringing the Spice Home

Delicious food is more than a convenience. It’s how we share our personalities and culture with others across the dinner table. Whether you’re cooking up spicy BBQ or a picture-perfect burger, you’re forming a connection with your favorite foods, as well as the people who eat them with you.

 That’s what makes our work special to us. We have a passion for enhancing every meal you make with the flavors that we love. In a way, it’s like putting a piece of our own history in your hands--one that you can pass along to anyone who enjoys a bountiful bite. Eat spicy. Live spicy. Choose Spicy Mike's Gourmet Condiments.

 Contact us today for inquiries and more information about our exceptional condiments. We proudly offer sales and service across the nation.


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Taste the difference made by Spicy Mike's condiments!

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Discover the health benefits of our gourmet ketchup.

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Bring a new world of taste to your burgers!

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