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About Spicy Mike

A Word From Spicy Mike

Hi, I'm Spicy Mike. A husband and father of three, I realized a long time ago I already had everything I needed to make me happy. Everything, except one thing... At each backyard party, BBQ, or family gathering I'd find the same flat, flavorless condiments. Not only were the flavors tired, but a closer look at the label revealed many ingredients I couldn't even pronounce, let alone consider putting on my food! In the summer of 1996, I chose to banish the boring and add some spice to the portion of my life dedicated to flavor. I made my own condiment (a gourmet and spicy ketchup), one that lived up to my flavor expectations and made with fresh, all-natural ingredients! By the end of that summer, everyone in our Kingston, New Hampshire community wanted to know where they could get Spicy Mike's Ketchup. Contact us today!

The Spicy Life

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Take advantage of our fantastic product. We also offer rebranding, available upon request, creating custom sauces with your own label. Contact us today — bulk discounts are available for corporate clients.

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